Windows Info

Windows 7 End Of Life – On January 14, 2020 Microsoft will no longer provide product support for Windows 7.

Windows Update Spring 2019

Everything in Windows 10 May update – listing of new features and improvements.

1903 Updates – Listing of several features/improvements and links to articles providing detailed descriptions.

Sandbox Feature Issue – Spring update causes error in sandbox feature when foreign languages modules present.

Windows 10 Alerts

Microsoft Will Not Email You – Scammers send emails claiming to be from Microsoft to attempt to get your personal information.

Windows 10 Information

Suggested Readings – Articles on Windows 10 that will help to improve OS performance

Understanding Windows 10 – Introduction to the basics of the Windows 10 Operating System (OS). This article covers many aspects of the Window 10 OS including: settings, start menu, Microsoft accounts, etc.

Set-Up Cortana

20 Keyboard Shortcut – Twenty must know keyboard sort-cuts that will help you to navigate more readily through Windows 10 features.

30 Ways Windows 10 Phones Home – Window 10 has many ways that the OS communicates with Microsoft’s computers. The article explains the various communications and user options for reducing or eliminating

Disable Telemetry and Data Collection – A discussion of the many avenues that Windows 10 uses to collect and perhaps share your user data with others. The article identifies areas of privacy leakage and shows setting change to minimize this concern.

WI-Fi Sense – Discussion of WIFI issues and privacy including recommended settings changes to reduce the privacy concerns.